A Look Back at Arts and Crafts

This year the 3rd primary students did many different projects in their English arts and crafts classes.  They made beautiful pieces related to different holidays, like Halloween, and new art ideas that they were studying.  Here is a look at some of the completed projects the children spent time doing during the 2014-2015 school year.

Halloween is a fun time to do arts and crafts. Take a look at some of the final products!


We carved pumpkins to celebrate Halloween in October!



We made haunted houses with construction paper.

Here are some of the children with their self-portraits:


At the end of this year, we made projects in groups. The children created their own mascot and wrote descriptions and information about them.


We hope you enjoyed! See you all next year!

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Happy Easter!

We wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter from all of us at Menesiano Infants! We hope you have been enjoying the break! Have a good holiday!


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I’m a Little Snowman

The current theme in the 3 year old cycle is “Winter”, so in our classes we have been learning about a lot of different winter things together. In the winter time, we wear hats, gloves, and scarves because it is cold outside.  Our favorite winter song is about our friend, the Little Snowman.  We love to sing this song about him:

After learning all about winter and the snowman, we finger painted our own snowman! We painted his scarf, his hat, his 3 buttons, and his carrot nose.  After the paint was dry, we put white cotton balls on our snowman to make him look like he was made out of real snow!  We had a great time learning about winter.

IMG_0180 IMG_0178

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Knights, Princesses, and Castles! Oh my!

The children in the 4 year old infants class have been practicing their vocabulary for Medieval Times in English.  We have learned a lot of new words like: princess, wizard, knight, castle, dragon, and sword.  We play fun games on our classroom iPad to learn these different words.  And our school also looks like a Medieval castle!  Here we are practicing our new words inside our Infants castle.



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Mix and Make Colors!

Recently in the 4 year old classrooms we did an exciting activity in our book where we used fingerpaints to mix two different colors.  And guess what happened? The two colors make one new color!  First we learned that mixing blue and yellow makes green.  Then a few days later we learned that if we mix red and yellow together we can make orange!  After that, we made purple from mixing red and blue. Using fingerpaints is one of our favorite class activities.

IMG_0172 IMG_0174IMG_0184


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Irregular verbs are fun

The students in 4th grade have an important thing to learn this term: the past tense of the irregular verbs.

Our Teacher has given us a list and every day we add 7 more verbs. Then, we practice the spelling of these verbs in a really fun way:

– Choo – choo train



-Back writing:



– Bubble letters:



– Consonant circle and words without vowels:


– Across and down:


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Learning the plurals

We are learning new ways of making plurals:

– s: keys, bookcase…

– es: witches, matches…

– ies: cities, puppies…

– Irregular: mailman – mailmen, foot – feet…

– Always the same word: fish, sheep, scissors…

In this game we took turns to write the plurals of the words. We could help our classmates.

Check our plurals:




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One is singular, more is plural

In 2nd grade we are learning how to make plurals. There are different ways:

– s: cats, computers…

– es: sandwiches, buses…

– Irregular: man – men, mouse -mice, child – children, tooth – teeth…

In this activitivity, our Teacher gave us a piece of paper and we had to find our perfect match.

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Carnaval animals

Look at the masks we have made using a paper plate:

IMG_1219 IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1218

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Who Ate the Apples?

In 5 year old infant classes, we learned a new song, ‘Who Ate the Apples?’, with the help of our classroom pet Bobby Bear.  First we listened to a video in English about ‘Who Took the Candy?’ which you can see here.

After, we practiced our own version of the song:
“Who ate the apples in the apple basket?”
“Teacher ate the apples in the apple basket!”
“Who me?”
“Yes you!”
“Not me!”
“Then who??”
“Javi ate the apples in the apple basket…”

And it continues until everyone’s name has been called…or until class ends!


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